The Point: 2018, The Political Illusion

I said it last year, and I’ll say it again. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

From all of us at the Colson Center, Happy New Year! As we begin what is sure to be another, well, interesting year, I want to remind you: Beware the political illusion.

After all, it was just a year ago that Republicans were beside themselves with joy, while Democrats were on the edge of the abyss.

My how times have changed. Yes, the President has had some successes: Neil Gorsuch, the repeal of the HHS mandate, the defeat of ISIS in Iraq. But the Democrats, after wins in Virginia and Alabama, have reason to hope they’ll recapture the House in 2018. And on we go.

But that’s just politics, folks. And that’s why we can never place our hope in the next election. Our hope is in Jesus Christ, who is risen from the dead, Lord of all, and who will return to restore all things.

Of course we’ll stay involved in politics. But more importantly, we must remain faithful to Him, bearing witness to Christ and His truth with our lips and in our lives.


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  • Carla Lipke

    Just wondering what will be your response when heating assistance, meals on wheels, many other helping the needy programs, including, but not limited to, food stamps are gone. Will that be marked as a success??? Christians (most) in America will have to own their blind political loyalty in the near future. And of course, before the Judgment Seat of Christ as well.
    (I am pro-life but NOT pro GOP)

    • gladys1071

      Good question, i am not either Republican or Democrat, as a Christian i don’t believe in advancing political agendas.

      I think for many being pro-life ( against abortion) the only thing that matters. Many single issue voters out there

    • fred2

      Meals on Wheels gets most of their money from private donations so the federal budget won’t impact it. (I learned this from their website.) The better question is why do some Christians forget that Jesus expected the Church to use its own money and resources to help the needy not the government. So if you have blessed with some extra funds, use some of them to support Meals on Wheels or similar charities.