The Point: Pet Benefits

Hey, employers of “pet parents,” I’ve got a bone to pick you. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Every time I talk about how dogs have replaced kids in our country, I step in it with listeners. So let me just say this: I love dogs. Cats?–not so much. But we now live in a culture where people are increasingly valuing animals over people.

According to Anne Kadet in the Wall Street Journal, a growing number of employers—especially in wealthy New York and Silicon Valley—are offering their employees benefits like pet insurance, pet bereavement leave, and even so-called “pawternity leave” for new doggy daddies and mommies.

Now why is this a problem? Well, often, better benefits are offered for pet owners than for parents of actual children.

Kadet asked the COO of one Manhattan company that allows employees to take their dogs to work whether they also allow kids in the office. “We’ve never had anyone ask,” she replied.

Take a quick look at Romans 1… confusing the created order is never a good sign, for individuals or their society.



More Employers Treat Pets Like Part of the Family
  • Anne Kadet | Wall Street Journal | December 26, 2017

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