The Point: Demeaning, not Funny

Demeaning people with disabilities is not funny. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Recently on Netflix, comedian Tom Segura joked about how you can’t use the word “retarded” anymore to refer to something you don’t like. So instead, he suggested to replace “retarded” with the phrase “an extra 21st chromosome,” referring, of course to people with Down syndrome.

Ha ha.

A lot of people aren’t laughing, including GiGi’s Playhouse, a nonprofit that conducts free educational programs for those with Down syndrome and their families. They’ve launched a petition asking Netflix to remove the anti-Down syndrome rhetoric from the show, to take the anti-disability sketch out of the trailer for the show, and to issue a public apology.

So far, nearly 80,000 people have signed it. Come to, and I’ll link you to the petition and contact information for Netflix. so you, too, can let them know that every human being—including those with disabilities—is made in the image of God. Demeaning them is never funny, or okay.



GiGi’s Playhouse
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  • Phoenix1977

    And the more they give attention to the sketch, the more people will go on Netflix to watch it and the less Netflix is inclined to participate in your request. So at the moment those opposed are also the sketch’s biggest supporters.

    • Jordan Smith

      Yet we cannot ignore this, doing nothing never stopped evil in this world.

      • Phoenix1977

        In this case doing something spreads your so called “evil” further. So doing nothing might have been preferable?

        • Jordan Smith

          Edmond Burke once said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”
          I believe most true journalists would argue that this is right, which is why they do what they do, shedding light on areas of darkness.
          Christians are called to do the same, whether it be the darkness that is in our own hearts, or darkness that lies in society.
          I may not be able to do much to get a huge, multi-million (or billion, I don’t know which) to change, but I refuse to do nothing.

  • Jordan Smith

    Thank you for sharing this with us and helping us take action against this.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    It’s worth noting that the “comedian” that finds it cute and funny to demean those with Down’s Syndrome, would have a coniption fit about the phrase, “That’s so gay!”. In my opinion, those involved with GIGI’s Playhouse are far more better human beings than Tom Segura and the producers of his show PUT TOGETHER.

  • Sharon Bolam

    Personally i think if all these people who sign the petition cancel their Netflix subscription. Thst would probably have more of an effect to Netflix as well as a petition Hit Netflix financially thats were it hurts

    • David Carlson

      You are right! And many have. I was getting ready to subscribe to Netflix . . . until I saw this story.

    • Jordan Smith

      I saw many people post comments on how they cancelled their accounts in response to the video. It might not be all, but there are several.

    • Scott

      If we are being honest though… Tom Segura’s show is not the only filth available to watch on Netflix.

  • The Bechtloff

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to go through life as easily offended as this. Comedy is not meant to be safe and it certainly isn’t meant to tip toe around people’s feelings.