The Point: The Cost of “Gay Marriage”

The Jack Phillips’ Supreme Court case is more important than ever. For the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Remember back in, say, 2008 when we were told that gay marriage wouldn’t affect those of us who objected to it? Well in 2018, it apparently does. It costs $130,000, your livelihood, your good name, and several years of your life.

At least that’s true for Melissa and Aaron Klein, former owners of Sweet Cakes bakery. The Kleins had to close their business after the state’s labor commissioner imposed a six-figure fine when they wouldn’t design a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. An Oregon court recently rejected their appeal and upheld the enormous fine.

Their case, like Jack Phillips whose case was just before the Supreme Court, is about a simple question: Can Christians be true to our beliefs about sexuality in the workplace? Are we able to not celebrate and send messages that we consider objectionable? Do basic freedoms extend to us, too?

We won’t know how the court will answer. What we do know is those who said their gay “marriage” wouldn’t affect anyone else sold us a bill of goods.



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