BP This Week: “Pro-Abortion” (and “No-Show Pro-Life”) Christians

Plus: Is the Word “Evangelical” Still Useful?

John and Ed call out “Catholic” Senators who supported late-term abortions, protestant “ministers” who blessed an abortion clinic, and ask where all the “whole-life” progressive evangelicals have been when it comes to abortion.

They also debate whether the term “evangelical” is still useful these days, given the diversity of opinion (politically, theologically, and otherwise) among those who identify as evangelicals.

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  • Susan Zhulkie

    Today I heard you identify Catholics as not against abortion. You later gave a small clarification about legislators who didn’t support the ban of post 20 week abortion. I was part of a group (mostly Catholic) who started a pregnancy care center in 1974 in a small Mich. town. It is still operational. I have never met a priest who is not anti-abortion. I would call out any priest who blessed a Planned Parenthood clinic. Yes, many Catholics excuse it, which I am convinced is because they hold affiliation with the Democrat party above Church. It hurts my heart because at every mass we affirm our belief in God the Father, creator of all things visible and invisible (fetus?). We believe in Jesus born of a woman in circumstances Planned Parenthood would have urged abortion. We believe in the Holy Spirit, Lord and giver of life. Do not judge Catholics by the few elected reps or academics who are hanging out with the wrong people. Instead look at Fr. Mitch Pacqua, head of Priests for Life. Look at Sisters for Life. And, yes, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin who proclaimed the consistent ethic of life. Pro-life begins with protecting the most vulnerable among us, the unborn baby, but all God’s children must be respected and left to his providence as to the end of life.

    • Geo

      They identified a couple times that the Catholic Church is staunchly anti-abortion, but that the legislators who identified with Catholicism were out of line with their claimed faith.