BreakPoint This Week: No Easy Answers to Evil

Plus: Media fawns over North Korean dictator’s sister, and host of ‘The View’ mocks VP Mike Pence’s faith

This week John and Ed take time to feel the weight of a nation’s grief after yet another monstrous act of evil committed by a lone shooter, this time at a high school in Parkland, Florida. These sorts of mass-murders now happen with nauseating regularity, and everyone on social media afterward seems to have quick-fix solutions.

Our hosts defend the appropriateness of prayers and tears after such an atrocity, of grieving with those who grieve, and point out that this is a fundamentally human problem that will require complex solutions. They also encourage listeners to look for the helpers, remembering the heroic sacrifices of teachers and school personnel who put themselves in harm’s way to protect their students.

John and Ed also slam the media’s coverage of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s sister during the Olympics. Is our willingness to overlook a regime’s brutality for the sake of entertainment and a glamorous smile a sign that we are “amusing ourselves to death”?

Finally, our hosts tackle some truly offensive comments by “The View” co-host, Joy Behar, who compared Vice President Mike Pence’s faith to mental illness.



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