The Point: Catholic in Name Only?

Yesterday Protestant servants of Molech; today, Catholic ones. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Yesterday I talked about so-called “Christian pastors” who blessed a late-term abortion clinic. I called them priests and priestesses of Molech. Because that’s what they are.

And then, there are those Senators who claim to be Catholic and vote for late-term abortions…

Well, I’ll let a Catholic priest handle this one. Writing at Patheos, Fr. Dwight Longenecker excoriated 14 Senators who claim the faith but killed a bill to eliminate this abomination. He’s talking about senators Cantwell, Collins, Durbin, Gillibrand, Heitkamp, Kaine, Leahy, Markey, Cortez Masto, McCaskill, Menendez, Murkowski, Murray and Reed.

“If they had voted as their faith (and their common humanity would dictate),” he wrote, “this cruel and horrible practice would have been outlawed.”

Now I’m not Catholic, so I don’t feel comfortable saying, “Hey, Catholics, do something about this.” But Fr. Longenecker is, and he does.  “If they are the senators from your diocese, write to your bishop and ask what he is going to do about it.”

I agree. Amen.

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