Dr. John Woodbridge and Dr. Timothy George Remember Billy Graham

The world has lost an icon, and a great soldier for Christ with the passing of Dr. Billy Graham this morning. At times like these, it’s appropriate to look back and remember. And today on this special episode of the BreakPoint podcast, John Stonestreet welcomes Dr. John Woodbridge and Dr. Timothy George, two men very familiar with Dr. Graham and his life, to reflect on the man, his impact, and his love for the Lord.

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  • Margaret Silverthorn

    What a legacy this humble man of God has left to us. Welcome home Dr. Graham!

  • Jan Davis

    I have been most impressed with three things about Billy Graham: Commitment to Biblical truth and the gospel, humility despite renown and accolades, and scandal free ministry. God bless his legacy and glory to Christ!

  • Margaret Johnson Barnard

    Wow, I’m so glad I listened to this message. I realized after listening that of course, it could only have been Jesus by the power of the Spirit who could take a farm boy from the South and do so much through him. So we need to be admiring the Lord Himself who enabled Billy to live the life he did. And the second thing I learned is how unapologetic Billy was about the gospel and the Bible. He believed in its power and spoke it boldly. I am inspired to be the same way!