The Point: A Good Samaritan with Zip Ties

It’s easy to hate imaginary people. Until they fix your car.

In a fascinating article in the Charlotte Observer, liberal activist Ruth Mayer describes how much she hated the President and anyone who voted for him—until her Prius broke down on the way from the Women’s March in Washington DC.

“My fury,” she admits, “has been bottomless.”

But on her way home, when a part of her car’s undercarriage broke loose, a “good Samaritan” in overalls walked up and got to work, zip-tying the piece of her car back in place while ignoring her left-wing bumper sticker.

The man was a self-confessed “redneck” and, she assumed, a Trump voter. As Mayer put it, “the man at the side of the road…reminded me that we were all just people trying to get home safe.”

This good Samaritan, like the original one, shows us that our shared humanity is enough reason to show kindness, even to those who disagree with us. After all, it might be only zip ties these days that are holding this fiercely-divided nation together.


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