Andrew Peterson: The Resurrection Letters

Today we present Warren Cole Smith’s interview with author, singer, songwriter Andrew Peterson. Andrew talks about his newest album, “Resurrection Letters: Prologue” and the centrality of Jesus’ rising from the dead. He and Warren also talk about creativity and the imago dei: How all of us are called to push back against the darkness through our creativity, whether we are poets, songwriters, moms, or dads.

Andrew Peterson will be our worship leader at this year’s Wilberforce Weekend in Washington DC. Click here for more details.

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  • srmclauren

    Song very well done. Not sure about the Steinbeck influence. We sing Sparrows and Remind me Who I Am by Jason Gray. Poetry and imagination can be powerful, and powerfully misleading. Where would the protagonist of Tolkein’s story, a sorcerer, spend eternity were he a human? Why would Clive Staples have his lion raised from the dead by magic? Worth a Berean examination. In The Night will still be one of my very favorite songs, as will a good number by Rich Mullens, who once mused in concert about Joseph changing God’s diaper. God is so full of love, grace, mercy and patience, and can also administer righteous justice. Lord give us wisdom.