BP This Week: Stephen Hawking and Scientism

Plus: Thoughts on Guns, Rights, and Self-Government

John Stonestreet and Ed Stetzer explore the worldview of the late and brilliant Stephen Hawking: Scientism. Despite contributing so much to physics, Hawking offered easy answers to hard questions science couldn’t answer, and declared philosophy dead while engaging in a lot of philosophy, himself.

Our hosts also suggest a unique angle on the gun control  debate, remembering Chuck Colson’s maxim that we will either be governed by our conscience or by constables. Are Americans capable of governing themselves anymore? Or are stricter regulations on the Second Amendment and other freedoms inevitable if we continue to descend into moral chaos?

Image: Stephen Hawking in Cambridge, Doug Wheller, Wikimedia Commons


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  • John Stone

    o comments, really? I read Hawking’s thin little book decades ago. Science fiction on steroids, anything to avoid the elephant in the room, i.e. God. Well, in one very sad way, Hawking is true theologian now. Even demons believe in God and tremble, that is.

  • jean74

    Maybe some of us are just too intelligent and believe in our own intelligence more than anything else. I am glad I am not so brainy. To me as I look at the beauty of the natural world it is impossible to deny that God created it. It is too perfectly put together. That I was able to see after accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Could it be possible that Mr. Hawkings saw Jesus as he passed and accepted him? I like to think that happens to many people.

    So right about the breakdown of our culture. I think the age of being taught Christian values as I grew up with must be past with so many people. I guess they don’t have a conscience in so many cases. Otherwise, all of these immoral and hateful things would not be happening.