The Point: The Keyboard Is a Fire

The keyboard is a fire . . . no man can tame it.

The Apostle James says it’s impossible to tame the tongue. Most of us are very aware of the damage our words can do to others. But what about when we log on to Facebook or Twitter?

Let’s take the epistle of James and put it in this cultural moment. Chapter 3, verse 8: “but no human being can control his typing on Twitter. From the same keyboard comes both blessing and cursing. My brethren this ought not to be.”

James notes in verse 9 that human beings are made in “the likeness of God.” As scholars Kelly Anderson and Daniel Keating write in their commentary on James, “to curse one who is a son or daughter of God is akin to cursing God himself.”

That applies to the words we type as well as the ones we speak.

How different would it be if Christians used our social media accounts to bless, and not to curse?

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