The Point: There’s No Spinning Fake News

It’s called satire, folks.

This just in from the “folks can really be clueless can’t they?” department.

The website “Snopes” is dedicated to fact-checking and debunking “urban legends.” With all the talk of fake news these days, more and more people—even journalists—are turning to Snopes to confirm or deny stories.

Oddly enough, Snopes recently debunked a story claiming that CNN had a “giant washing machine” to help journalists spin the news. Get it? Washing machine? Spin the news?

Pretty funny stuff. And it should be, because it was from the satire site Bablyon Bee.

As Snopes explained: “Although it should have been obvious that the Babylon Bee piece was just a spoof … some readers missed that aspect of the article and interpreted it literally.”

Cue the palm head slap. I can’t think of any stronger evidence than this that our citizenry is, shall we say, struggling in the information age.

Truth. Discernment. Recognizing fact from fiction. We need these things now more than ever.

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  • Just One Voice

    “Truth, discernment, recognizing fact from fiction…”

    I only see this beginning to happen when people develop more awareness; awareness of self & awareness of those around them. And awareness will only happen when they start to put down their phones, take out their ear buds, lift up their heads & open their eyes and ears.

    Every day, I am amazed. It’s beyond ridiculous-in my harsh opinion-how sedated people are by their phones. Just take a quick picture on the bus I ride to & from work. It seems I’m the only one looking up most of the time (unless I’m taking a power nap of course).

    Crazy thing too: two days in a row, I was the one to pull the line notifying the driver to stop. I sit forward on the edge of my seat & turn sideways in order to let the person next to me know that I need to get out. Well, not until most people were done getting off did he even look up from his phone & ask if I needed off.


    • gladys1071

      You are so right about phones. I am a child of the 80’s, the addiction to smart phones is mind-boggling to me too. I grew up with very little technology, if anything i am a luddite, i miss the old days when cars used to be manual transmission and when people had land lines.