The Point: Love and Suicide

What’s (that kind of) love got to do with it?

In our culture, and for too many believers, love has been turned into a squishy, feel-good, be-nice sentimentality …which is killing people. Literally.

Recently in Canada, an elderly couple together chose physician-assisted suicide. After a farewell dinner with family, and a blessing from the local Anglican priest, they went into eternity.

The couple, as Wesley Smith points out at LifeNews, had to shop around to find two doctors who would sign off on the decision. As it turns out, the husband wasn’t originally diagnosed with a terminal condition. He didn’t want to live without his wife, so fainting spells and heart issues eventually did the trick.

As Smith said, anyone “who doesn’t think that elderly euthanasia could also be coerced or arise out of fears of abandonment, doesn’t understand human nature or our elder-abuse crisis.”

Which, in my book, makes the actions of the Anglican clergy the most egregious of anyone involved. That’s not love at all.

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