The Point: Life Wins in New England

Life wins in New England.

Two Democratic-majority legislatures—Massachusetts and Connecticut—have killed bills that would permit physician-assisted suicide.

Now wait—isn’t it liberal states—like Oregon, Hawaii, California—that enshrine the so-called “right to die”?

Well, yes. But as Dr. Mark Rollo explained to the Washington Free Beacon, legislators were convinced that enacting such laws would mean that “the poor, people of color, and people with disabilities would have received the all too familiar denial of care letters from insurance companies … refusing to cover expensive care but offering to pay for suicide pills.”

Matt Valliere of the Patients’ Rights Action Fund hit the nail on the head: “Assisted suicide is not medical treatment. It is bad public policy that puts a great many at risk of deadly harm through mistakes, coercion, and abuse.”

He’s right. Assisted suicide advocates are not on the side of compassion. And that’s an argument for all fighting assisted suicide. Even in blue states.



Assisted Suicide Bills Dead in New England
  • Bill McMorris | | April 1, 2018

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