BreakPoint: Gender Ideology and Public Schools

These Are Our Kids

Parents today—especially in California—face really tough questions about their children’s education. One of them: Who do kids belong to?

In 2015, California passed what it dubbed “The Healthy Youth Act.” The stated aim of the legislation was two-fold: first, to “provide pupils with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect their sexual and reproductive health” from things such HIV, STDs, and “unintended pregnancy.”

Second, to give students “knowledge and skills” to help them develop “healthy attitudes” concerning, “body image, gender, sexual orientation, relationships, marriage, and family.”

At this point, cries of “Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!” and (kudos if you get that reference) could be heard from Crescent City to Calexico. To “reassure” concerned parents, the law allowed parents to “excuse their child from all or part of comprehensive sexual health education, HIV prevention education.”

But the law explicitly states that this “right” to excuse your child does not extend to “instruction, materials, presentations, or programming that discuss gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, discrimination . . . relationships or family…” In other words, parents in California can opt their kids out of the anatomy but not the ideology.

Well many parents missed the caveat and operated under the assumption that being able to opt out of what is normally thought of as “sex ed,” i.e., the anatomy part, would mean they’d be able to spare their kids the indoctrination part.

But they were wrong. In late March, in response to a request from members of the Orange County Board of Education, the Board’s general counsel wrote that, under “The Healthy Youth Act,” parents “may not excuse” their children from instruction about “gender, gender identity, gender expression,” and the rest. He added that “the courts have held that parents do not have the constitutional right to override the determination of the state legislature or the school district as to what information their children will be provided in the public school classroom.” All parents have the right to do is “advise their children that they disagree with” what’s being taught.

Not surprisingly, parents are outraged. But to be clear, the general counsel was just reiterating what the law explicitly stated.

What’s more, the troubling California goings on isn’t limited to just sex ed classes and curricula. As William May of Catholics for the Common Good told the National Catholic Register, “All this [indoctrination] is being integrated into other courses, not just sex education . . . it’s being integrated into history and literature. . . .” He added that “It’s essentially getting to the point where parents will have to opt out of public education.”

Or, as a few of my friends seem to be considering right now, it may be time to opt out of California altogether. Still, those looking for greener grass need to know it’s not only in California that would-be indoctrinators have figured out stealthier and more-effective places for their ideas. In most places, parents can opt their children out of sex ed. But whoever thinks about opting their kids out of literature or history?

So, what can parents do? First, let’s remember that our kids don’t belong to the state, and certainly not to these would-be indoctrinators. By “our kids” I mean that we, parents, are primarily and ultimately responsible for their well-being and formation. To the extent other entities are involved, it should be to support, not to usurp our God-ordained role.

Second, we need to be prepared to fight on this one. According to the Register, Orange County school board meetings have been “standing-room only” since that memo came out. But that may be too late and not enough. Parents are going to have to make difficult decisions about their kids’ educations.

So let’s keep them in our prayers. Their fight is ours too: reminding would-be Leviathans whose children we’re talking about.


Gender Ideology and Public Schools: These Are Our Kids

As John warns, this is a fight we must engage in. Our children don’t belong to the state, and the decisions about their well-being and formation are our responsibility.  Stand firm on this, and be proactive in prayer and involvement with your local public school system.


Does California Law Deny Parents’ Right to Opt Out of ‘Gender Education’?
  • Brian Fraga | National Catholic Register | May 9, 2018

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  • Scott

    Friends, nothing is more anti-American than this. The government is essentially taking control of raising our children. The constitution was designed to protect the people from government control… is the state of California a dictatorship or part of our republic?

    I will pray for Christian (and non-Christian) voices be heard. That parents would be free to live and raise their children according their family values and that God raise up a leader in California who will put an end to this nonsense.

    • Just One Voice

      Amen brother!

  • Emily

    Thank-you Breakpoint for exposing this stealth move by LGBT activists to insert their agenda into our elementary school social studies curriculum. This law was passed with little public knowledge in order to indoctrinate students as early as 2nd grade. Second graders do not bring textbooks home from school. Parents need to find out what their children are being taught or will be taught in the classroom. Some schools may not have incorporated the new books into classrooms yet, but what are teachers teaching your kids?

    For examples of the proposed textbooks and what we can do about this:

  • Just One Voice

    We Christians are heavily accused of discrimination on this topic. Well, I would invite someone in the LGBT crowd to–politely & kindly–explain to us how this move does not qualify as discriminatory: allowing parents & kids to opt out of anything, EXCEPT for the gender identity and expression. As Scott mentioned, this is a small step of dictatorship. My lifespan has seen the final ban of any Christian practice from the public school, to suing anyone who even dares to try and do it, and it has all been switched out with this now; coercing parents and their children into this ideology.

    Speaking of, what is the specific penalty if people still choose to opt out of this part of the education?

    I’m also curious what biology teachers think of all this. We hear plenty from psychologists & psychiatrists. How about the biology teachers?

    Private Christian school is looking more attractive. But, it’s expensive and I’ve heard multiple stories of people getting burned out by going down that road.

    *deep sigh* More and more, it’s a matter of letting go and letting God. Psalm 112:7 says (talking about the man who fears God): “He is not afraid of bad news; his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord.”

  • The Bechtloff

    I can’t imagine how anyone, let alone a Christian, could justify sending their kids to public school at this point.

    • Just One Voice

      I agree, it’s getting worse for sure. Still, just curious what factors lead you to your conclusion?

      My in-laws go to a public school in our town. From what I gather, it’s still pretty okay. And hey, there’s a big added bonus in that my niece has had half day spanish/english for the past 3 or 4 years now. So she’s only 11 or 12 now and already fluent!

  • WileyPost

    We home schooled our kids till middle school. When we put them in the California PUBLIC middle school; we found that there was a “secret” club that meets during LUNCH once a month, that lures kids in with cookies and games, and then teaches them all about lgbq lifestyles, genders, biological sex, etc. I didn’t find out about this club for over a year, since parents were not notified of this club’s existence. When I complained; they said that since it was during lunch; it was not “instruction” and I can’t opt my child out from attending. So I took my child out of school whenever the “club” met. When I told them middle school “clubs” were not allowed because of Board Policy, and complained to the School Board; they held a Board Meeting and changed the Policy to allow clubs of this type in all their middle schools. They never notified the middle school parents of this MAJOR change in Policy; allowing clubs in all the middle schools, but of course, the board room was packed with lgbq advocates that drowned out any opposition to the Board’s ruling. Parents be aware that public (government) schools are not there for your child’s best interest; only the interest of the left and social-engineering.