Katy Faust: Them Before Us . . . the Rights of Children

Today John Stonestreet talks with Katy Faust, founder of Them Before Us, about her work on behalf of the rights of children, and about one of the great lies of the sexual revolution, that when it comes to  no fault divorce, sperm and egg donation, intentional single parenthood, and gay marriage,  “the kids will be fine”—when the  facts reveal the opposite.

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  • Nancy Gibson

    Katy Faust is totally correct and courageous enough to head up this issue. The kids are really at stake in this “women’s issue,” excuse me… CHILDREN issue. Blessings to Katy, one gutsy lady who has placed herself on the cutting edge of this lie. I sat next to Katy on the airplane a few weeks ago and listened intently to her relay this issue firsthand. Now, I pray for her daily to maintain your courageous front.