The Point: Your Children. Not California’s

Who will raise our kids? Us or the state?

The “California Healthy Youth Act,” requires public middle and high schools in the state to teach topics like birth control, abortion, AIDS, sexual orientation and gender identity.

The law allows for parents to review the curriculum, but according to the Orange County school board’s legal counsel, while parents can opt their kids out of “lessons about sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases,” they may not opt them out of “classroom instruction on issues such as homosexuality or transgenderism.”

As one Christian Advocate told the National Catholic Register, gender ideology is being integrated into history and literature classes, “not just sex education. It’s getting to the point,” he said,  “where parents will have to opt out of public education.”

Well maybe, as a Southern California colleague told me, it’s time to opt out of California.

Whatever you do, parents hear me: These children belong to you, not California or Orange County. You decide what they’re taught, not the government.



Does California Law Deny Parents’ Right to Opt Out of ‘Gender Education’?
  • Brian Fraga | National Catholic Register | May 9, 2018

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