The Point: Et Tu, U2?

Et tu, U2?

Irish rock band U2 tweeted their support last week for the “Repeal the 8th” campaign to legalize abortion in Ireland. Abortion has long been outlawed in the heavily Catholic Irish nation, but at the end of this month, a referendum will decide whether that remains the case.

Since U2’s glory days in the 1980s, fans have picked up on religious themes in songs from lead singer Bono. For the group to come out now as pro-abortion feels like a betrayal to many, who say they’ll stop buying the albums.

This shows how powerful pop culture is, and how closely guarded it is. Pro-life celebrities are rarer than four-leaf covers. After all, the pro-life movement in this country is huge, but has gained traction with virtually no star power.

Now whether you keep listening to U2 or not, at least decide to base your deeply held convictions on something other than the opinions of celebrities and icons of pop culture.

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  • Scott

    A long time ago in a land far away, U2 was my favorite band. In fact, some of their lyrics may have helped to plant seeds for my conversion from atheist to Christian. Their opinion on abortion does not change it’s destructive impact on my (and millions of others) life… but it does make me a little sad.

    Abortion destroys life.

  • gladys1071

    I am Pro-choice and it has nothing to do with celebrities, religious leaders or anyone for that matter.

    I believe firmly in a woman’s right to choose to me is a no brainer to me. Forcing women to stay pregnant and give birth is inhumane and oppressive.

    Women were slaves to their biology with no reliable birth control and getting married and having to pump out many children, many women dying in childbirth, that has been the status quo until more recently. Some women would be pregnant constantly having one child after another without rest.

    Yes you can quote bible verses at me and tell me i am wrong, and tell me how God is angry, but God knows my heart and he knows that i have NO animosity to the unborn, i just put women FIRST before any embryo/fetus, (sorry) but that is my position and God knows why i believe that.

    I will always side with women having the choice to continue or not a pregnancy.

    I know to many my position is repugnant, so be it.

    • Scott

      “Forcing women to stay pregnant and give birth is inhumane and oppressive.”

      But not as inhumane and oppressive as torture and murder.

      • gladys1071

        We will have to agree to disagree on this issue.

        I just believe the woman’s rights come first when it comes to this issue.