The Point: Iowa Hears Heartbeats

Nicely done, Iowa!

How will Roe v Wade be overturned? If you said, “Well, at least five Supreme Court justices must vote against it,” you’re only partially right. The Supreme Court takes cases from lower courts, which start when a law is passed or someone sues over an existing law.

In other words, the only way for legal abortion to end is that someone has to pass a law that conflicts with the so-called “right to choose.”

This past week, Iowa governor Kim Reynolds did just that, signing into a law a ban of almost any abortion when a fetal heartbeat can be detected. Pro-life Iowans know this law will be challenged in court, and they welcome that chance to fight for life.

Roe may not be overturned as a result of this law, but when it happens, it will be because a state defied the Supreme Court ruling. In doing so, that state will be upholding a much higher law, from a much higher Lawgiver.

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Iowa governor signs strictest abortion regulation in US
  • Barbara Rodriguez | APNews | May 4, 2018

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