Scott Klusendorf: Developing a Pro-Life Apologetic

Today we present an outstanding presentation by pro-life apologist Scott Klusendorf, founder of the Life Training Institute. Klusendorf urges young men and women—and all of us—to prepare an effective pro-life apologetic to engage a culture that is still very much pro-abortion.

And starting next week, you will be able to hear directly from Scott Klusendorf at our next online Colson Center Short Course, entitled “Christian Ethics in a Brave New World.” Klusendorf will engage us on beginning-of life issues, C. Ben Mitchell on end of life issues as well as medical technology and human dignity, and Emily Colson on ethical issues involving those with disabilities and the most vulnerable among us.

The course runs for four consecutive Tuesday evenings, beginning June 5. If you miss one, it’s not a problem, because you’ll have access to an online recording.  Click here to register today.

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