The Point: Infertility and Reproductive Technology

How should Christians handle infertility?

Infertility is an extraordinarily painful trial for couples. So it makes sense that many Christians embrace reproductive technologies that promise to bring to an end their very real suffering.

Unfortunately, too many embrace options like surrogacy and in vitro fertilization without ever wrestling with their profound ethical and theological implications. Even more, most churches offer no guidance whatsoever to couples.

Recently on BreakPoint, we urged Christians to start asking the right questions about reproductive technologies. The response was overwhelming. We were asked for more information and more resources.

So I invite you to listen to three podcasts I’ve recently done with Christian thinkers Jennifer Lahl, Professor Helen Alvare, and Dr. David Stevens. We discuss where to draw lines about reproductive technologies like surrogacy, third party egg or sperm donation, IVF, embryo adoption, and much more.

Come to and click on the BreakPoint podcast to find these important conversations.

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