The Point: How Not to Get in Trouble with Title IX

I hate to play Captain Obvious, but . . .

George Orwell wrote “Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.”

So here goes. A recent Atlantic Monthly article complained about “the potential excesses of policing sex on campus.”

Take this story from the University of Cincinnati. “Male and female student have a drunken hookup. He wakes up, terrified she’s going to file a sexual misconduct complaint, so he goes to the Title IX office and beats her to the punch. She is found guilty and suspended.”

The article rightly criticizes how easy it is to abuse Title IX, which mandates that schools crack down on sexual assault.

But missing in all this analysis is the obvious: Don’t have drunken hookups. Follow this rule and Title IX doesn’t matter.

It’s impossible to overstate how deeply the sexual revolution has reshaped our thinking. Which leaves intelligent men and women with a lot of restating to do.

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  • Scott

    There is absolutely no fair way to police sex… especially when there are only two witnesses, each with opposing viewpoints (as would be the case 99% of the time).

    I recently had a conversation with my father about the impact of the “sexual revolution.” We discussed all the issues surrounding sex today and he – a once firm supporter of the ideology born of the “sexual revolution” – agreed how damaging it has been to our culture. I was actually amazed by his change of heart… we have witnessed first had the degradation from generation to generation caused by it. From divorce to children out of wedlock… to much worse. God’s plan for sexuality is far superior to any wayward scheme we concoct.

  • gladys1071

    Not to be sarcastic but human beings have been having sex and hookups since humans were created by God. The more recent Sexual revolution that occurred in the last 40-50 years is not to blame.

    I will quote Solomon “There is nothing new under the sun”

    I don’t usually quote bible verses, but Solomon was right. This is nothing new, men have been harrasing women sexually and rapes have happened since the fall. brothels and sex workers have always existed, children born out of wedlock has always existed (they were called bastards)

    Have any of you seen the ruins of Pompei? it was one of the most pornographic cities.

    I really don’t understand why the harping on the last 40-50 years of so called sexual revolution.

    To me their was no sexual revolution, illicit sex has always existed and always will.

    The articles here makes it seem that illicit sex and hookups and out of wedlock births only happenend in the last 40-50 years.

    No, there is nothing new under the sun.

    • jason taylor

      The revolution is in trying to make it respectable. There was always in a sense a certain weird respectability to the old, “one for politics and one for pleasure” of course but no one contended that it was not adultery or tried to change the rules to liberate people. People just sinned, they did not try to have it both ways.

      • gladys1071

        Humans always strive to have it both ways, it is in our nature to want it both ways. The problem is by making it forbidden , then people will do it in secret, better to just be out in the open. Human beings like sex that is why men always had their wives and still went to brothels (supposed respectable men).

        Why can’t we just accept that we are sexual creatures that want sex mostly for pleasure, nobody can escape their sexual drive, even Christians.

        innate drives will always win out over morality or religion or rules.

        You try to make rules to try to reign that in, all you do is drive it underground or in secret.

        You cannot win with human nature.

        • jason taylor

          We are aggressive creatures, but have rules to reign in aggression. We are deceitful creatures yet have rules to reign in fraud. We are digestive creatures yet there are rules to reign in what, when and how we should eat. And we are leisure loving creatures yet have rules that say we have to work. Why is sex given preference.

          And why is it no one can “escape” their sex drive? We are not robots. And if they are robots why do you care what they should do. No one can escape their desire to regulate sex drive anymore then their sex drive.

        • Scott

          We do have a choice… we can control our appetites and wrong affections. Even our besetting sins can be curbed. It’s not easy, we can’t be perfect, but we can always strive to be better.

    • Just One Voice

      I think they’re just focusing on the sexual revolution that has happened in American history. So, definitely isolating a window of time in that sense. I see no claims from BP that this is something entirely new to mankind.

    • Scott

      All this is very true… the sexual revolution just celebrated it (except rape).

      • gladys1071

        better to be out in the open about it, sex is nothing to be ashamed of or dirty. Human beings are the ones with the hang ups about sex, after all this is the way we reproduce.

        • Scott

          Shed light on it… sure. But only for what it is, sin. It’s not better to celebrate sin.

          God gave us moral guidelines to follow when it comes to sex… we can either honor God by trying to live by those guidelines or we can defy God and make up our own rules. The sexual revolution celebrates the later.

          • gladys1071

            Who determines what is sin or not when it comes to sex, it appears that people do, not God. As far as i remember in the Old Testament in Sodom and Gomorrorah, Lot was willing to give his daughters to be raped, and did not think anything of it.

            Yet Lot was considered one of the righteous, how is that?

            The problem is that morality is determined by human beings not God.

            We think we know what God thinks about sexual morality, but we really don’t, we just make it up as we go, and we have for thousands of years.

            most moral guidelines are man made and they change over time , YOU know what i say is true.

            How come we don’t stone adulterers?

            How come we don’t send out of wedlock mothers to convents anymore?

            Morality is and always will be subjective and it changes over time.

          • Scott

            You are right about one thing, we do try to make our own rules when it comes to morality… but it is not subjective in God’s eyes and like Him, it never changes.

            Regarding Lot… I think the Bible uses him as an example of another broken person. He was righteous in his hospitality towards the angels. Who knows, Lot’s daughter’s may have wanted to carryout his offer. After all, they were willing to deceive Lot, get him drunk and sleep with him in order to have children?

          • Scott

            “most moral guidelines are man made and they change over time , YOU know what i say is true.”

            This is a fairly provocative statement. What I know is that left to my own devices, I am less than righteous. I also know by experience that striving to live in obedience to God’s moral laws has brought me a peace and joy I didn’t think possible… it has filled my God shaped hole. Because of this, I know I will do my best to share what I have learned about morality with everyone… so they might have the chance to experience the same peace and joy God has given me.

          • gladys1071

            I will disagree on one point, EVERYONE is less then righteous, ONLY Jesus was righteous. As long as we are in these bodies we will continue to fall short.

            I just feel more comfortable with myself and find that i don’t need to strive for perfection, and that i think God knows that we will continue to fall short.

          • Scott

            “I will disagree on one point, EVERYONE is less then righteous, ONLY Jesus was righteous. As long as we are in these bodies we will continue to fall short.”

            We don’t disagree about that : – )… I said “I am less than righteous.” My statement was not about anyone else…

            I had a great conversation with my 15 year old son the other night about this. Love is not just how we feel about somebody. Feelings of affection can be part of love, but love is so much more than our feelings. For example a son can feel affection for their parent and at the same time break all the parents rules. The son’s actions don’t convey his affections. Love requires action and the more self sacrificing the action, the stronger the love. My obedience to God’s moral laws is a reflection of my love for Him… my affections put into action.

            If Jesus is returning to judge the hearts of the living and the dead as it says, I want to practice my love for Him. I can think of no better way than self sacrificing obedience.