The Point: What’s Good for Government Geese. . .

So ACLU, which is it?

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller will not defend Iowa’s new abortion law, because “his core belief” is that it will undermine the “rights and protections of women.”

To his credit, Miller recommended that the state use a pro-life group to defend the law.

That makes sense to me, because after all, if a state official can’t in good conscience carry out his or her own duties, then designating someone who can is cool, right?

Hmm. Ask Kim Davis of Kentucky, or one of many county clerks and registrars who’ve declined to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

The ACLU is cool with that, too—right? Ha! The ACLU had this to say about Kim Davis: “government officials … placing their personal views ahead of the Constitution and the rule of law is not acceptable.”

So I’m waiting to hear the ACLU condemn Mr. Miller’s refusal to enforce the law because of his beliefs.

But I won’t hold my breath.

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Iowa AG refuses to defend state abortion ban
  • Josh Delk | | May 15, 2018

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  • gladys1071

    I think this a difficult issue to say the least. As a pro-choicer, i would have a hard time upholding a law i felt violated a woman’s right to her body. I think in such cases he should recuse himself and someone else should step in.

    I believe Kim Davis should have been accomodated too, somebody else could have carried out her duties , at the very least until some other arrangement could be made.

    I think their is no easy answer to such dilemma’s when your a government official and you have to carry out duties for a law that you disagree with.

  • Scott

    Just people trying to bend and make new laws that impose their specific ideology… I wonder, does this mean worldview matters? This commentary points out why it is imperative for Christians to bring their faith with them wherever they go… always.

    One more thought… I wonder if Tom Miller has considered what abortion has meant to the “rights and protections of women” in India and China?

  • Timothy D Padgett

    Did you mean to post this twice?

  • Scott

    “The problem is that as Christians, we cannot impose our ideology either.”

    Except in the case of murder. Abortion is murder… taking the life of a defenseless human child.