The Point: All-American Abortion?

“Safe, legal, and rare?” Not any more.

I recently received a letter saying that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” My correspondent was repeating a line abortion advocates used to use. But those days are long gone…

The latest example: comedienne Michelle Wolfe’s video celebrating abortion as an all-American thing.

Prancing around in a red-white-and-blue majorette outfit, followed by a four-piece marching band playing “You’re a Grand Old Flag,” she screamed, “Abortion, I salute you!” while her audience cheered. She closed with “God bless abortions! God bless America!”

Now at one time, antics like Wolfe’s would’ve been considered over the line by both sides of this debate. But the more America moves pro-life, the more pro-abortion forces are self-exposed and shown to be as radical as they are.

My colleague Shane Morris wrote a thorough and thoughtful reply to the letter I received. If you read it, you’ll be more equipped to defend life to friends and neighbors.

Come to to find it.


Image: YouTube


Dear Mary: A Response to “Safe, Legal, and Rare”
  • G. Shane Morris | | July 6, 2018

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