The Point: Confirm Judge Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh is a good choice.

By all accounts, President Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, is a rock-solid conservative with impeccable judicial credentials. He’s a good choice.

That’s why I signed a statement with other evangelical leaders urging the Senate to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

But I also admit to a tad bit of disappointment. I was among those rooting for Amy Coney Barrett, who when being confirmed for the 7th Circuit, was grilled by Senate Democrats because of her faith. Sen. Diane Feinstein contemptuously remarked that Coney Barrett’s “dogma lives loudly” within her.

In passing up Barrett, I think the President, as David French wrote, missed “an opportunity for the best of young professional Christians to face the worst of progressive antireligion bias and prevail on the largest possible stage.”

Nonetheless, Kavanaugh should be solid on the Constitution, as well as on life and religious freedom. I hope you’ll join me in praying for his confirmation.

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