The Point: Lipstick on a Pigskin

This won’t be a touchdown for the NFL.

CNN reports that, for the first time ever, male cheerleaders will be dancing on the sidelines for the L.A. Rams and New Orleans Saints, and they will be performing the same moves as the league’s female cheerleaders.

Now, I’ve got no interest in defending the sexualized oddity that cheerleading has become in professional sports. But men joining the squad in the role of women takes the deal to a whole new level of mixed-up. “But college football teams have always had male cheerleaders,” you might protest. True. But they’re gymnasts, who take on a decidedly different role than their female counterparts. They’re not just one of the dancers.

What the Rams and Saints are doing is an expression of a culture so confused, it’s decided that gender is an irrelevant side point when it comes to restrooms, marriage and childbearing. My guess is that fans will continue to vote on the NFL with their viewership this fall.

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