The Point: Now They’re Euthanizing Children

The so-called “right to die” is always a slippery slope . . .

Euthanasia is sold to the public as a choice for adults. But as Wesley J. Smith points out at Evolution News and Science Today, advocates for the so-called “right to die” are selling us a bill of goods. We’re told doctor-inflicted suicide is a compassionate way to help adults escape unbearable pain and suffering.

But as many of us have warned over and over, the “right to die” soon becomes the “duty to die.” And we continue to see that this includes children. According to a recent report cited by Smith, Belgian doctors have euthanized at least three minors suffering from brain tumors, muscular dystrophy, and cystic fibrosis.

As Smith warns, euthanasia for kids will soon be coming to Canada, and we need to be vigilant in our opposition to this in the U.S.

When the cultural slope is greased with bad ideas, there will always be victims.

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