The Point: There’s a Catch to This Catch

Well, it looked like a great catch…

Last week, New York Mets third baseman Todd Frazier dove headlong into the stands and made an amazing catch of a foul ball.

Or did he? As he climbed out from the seats, he clearly had a ball in his glove.

But as Frazier admitted later, much later, “I caught the ball going into the stands, and as I came down the ball came out. But there was another ball there—a fan’s rubber ball.” Frazier then explained, “The first ball I saw I picked up, I raised my hand, and [the ump] called him out.”

Of course, then Frazier had a choice to make: Does he show the ump the ball and lose the out or chuck that fake ball up into the stands before the ump can see it? Into the stands the ball went.

So here’s a question—was this cheating or just quick thinking? Small moral crises like this confront us every day… at stop signs, at work, in relationships. It’s worth remembering that our Umpire will never miss a call.



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