The Point: Fake News

“If words aren’t worth fighting for, what on earth would be?”

I thought of that quote by  G. K. Chesterton after reading a news report from KATU channel 2 in Portland, Oregon. “Deputies arrest woman who says she was playing a prank when she pulled a gun on stranger.” Nineteen-year-old Kadin Moore was arrested after threatening three people with a realistic-looking airsoft gun.

Who cares, you ask? Well, the article included a picture of Moore—short parted brown hair, sad looking pseudo-mustache, barely there beard, defined jaw line and Adam’s apple.

Wait, you say, didn’t the headline say woman and she? Yes, it did. As Rod Dreher said, “That is not a woman.” There’s no way the three victims called 911 and said they were being threatened by a woman. When the police, as the news article described, “found and detained a person who matched the suspect description,” there’s no way they were looking for a woman.

Which means, this news organization intentionally mis-told the story, denied the facts, and misused words to accommodate gender ideology.  That’s called fake news, folks.

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