The Point: Insatiable for Entertainment

If it’s just “entertainment” is it okay?

There’s a lot offensive about Netflix’s new show, “Insatiable.” Few reviewers seem bothered by its blatant mockery of Christianity, but the series has been criticized for “fat shaming,” making light of sexual abuse, and overall lazy writing, among other things.

But more outrageous than the show itself is how many people like it. “Insatiable” currently has an audience approval rating of 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the majority of user reviews on IMDB are positive.

Last week, there was renewed nationwide outrage against the Catholic Church after a grand jury report described sexual crimes committed against children by clergy.

The jury of public opinion agrees that the priests went too far. Many critics agree “Insatiable” goes too far. But according to the American public, as long as over-the-top and offensive content is put in the form of entertainment, there’s no such thing as too far.

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