The Point: Is Privacy Good for Teens?

How can we balance privacy and wisdom?

Teens love to claim a right to privacy, especially when it comes to being online. But is privacy a good thing? How much privacy should teens have?

First, nothing we ever do is completely private because God sees everything.

Second, when it comes to other people, privacy has to be part of prudence. Many of our thoughts should be kept private. Our bodies should be kept private out of modesty. Jesus told his followers to pray in private and in humility.

Third, all of us—especially teens in this internet age—are tempted to turn privacy into secrecy, and use privacy as an excuse to hide sin.

Kids should know what privacy is and what it isn’t, and they should see it in in both our words and our deeds. We should have the conversation with them, and then model online accountability to them.

Our friends at Axis have a new resource to help. Their “Parent’s Guide to Teen Privacy” is now available at

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