The Point: Pray for Planned Parenthood’s New Prez

Planned Parenthood has a new president.

The nation’s premier abortion provider announced last week that its new president, Leana Wen, is qualified because she’s both a doctor and a mother.

As Ed Stetzer remarked on BreakPoint This Week, as a doctor, the oath that she took should give her pause about leading an organization that terminates the lives of more than 300,000 babies a year .

And as a mother, she certainly knows how precious life is. Unfortunately, according to Planned Parenthood, human value solely depends on whether the child is wanted or not.

Planned Parenthood’s last president was a political figure. Hiring a doctor to the top post shows just how much they want to claim legitimacy as a medical organization—so much so that they continue to lie about how much of an abortion business they really are.

Even so, we should pray for Dr. Wen. We should pray that Christ would transform her heart and that He would stop her work. With God nothing is impossible.

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