The Point: The Dignity of Work

Well for once, Twitter did a good thing.

When I first saw it, I thought the headline was from one of those terrible tabloid publications. “Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens spotted bagging groceries at NJ Trader Joe’s.” But the article, complete with an unflattering picture of the guy who used to play Elvin on the popular 80’s sitcom, came from FoxNews, suggesting that Owens was a washed-up down and outer.

Twitter erupted in Owen’s defense. Many Hollywood A-listers tweeted how they also did “normal work” between acting gigs to pay the bills which, it turns out, was what Owens was doing. And Tyler Perry then offered him a job!

Shame on Fox News for glamorizing the skin-deep beauty of people whose lives are otherwise train wrecks, while mocking someone who’s willing to work.

Christians believe work was given to humans by God in creation as a core part of our dignity and value. We should be the first to call out this sort of shaming whenever we see it.

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