The Point: Till “Fortnite” Do Us Part

Who needs marriage when you’ve got multiplayer?

GQ reports that over 200 divorce proceedings in the U.K. this year specifically cite that a spouse played too much “Fortnite.” If you don’t know, “Fortnite” is an online multiplayer shooter game with a distinctly cartoonish appeal. By some estimates, it’s the most-played video game in the world.

Of course, just because couples blame the game doesn’t mean that they would have been happily married without it. But it’s clear that for too many, gaming is no longer a hobby but an obsession, even an alternative life.

I imagine I’ll get some hate mail for saying this just like I always do whenever I say it, but here goes: video game addiction is ruining us, especially young men. We’re made for real, embodied connections in the real world—connections like marriage and friendship. And if a video game habit is getting in the way of those relationships, we need help—we need to quit. After all, in the real world, you only get one life.

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Fortnite Is Now Responsible for At Least 200 Divorces
  • Luke Darby | | September 16, 2018

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