Glenn Sunshine: What Has Christianity Ever Done for Us?

Despite what you’ve heard from atheists and liberal academics, religion, and especially Christianity, is not the source of all the world’s ills.

In fact, everything we treasure about modern civilization—Western civilization in particular—human rights, science, liberty, education, economic freedom, women’s rights and civil rights, we owe to Christianity and Judaism.

So argues historian Dr. Glenn Sunshine in his presentation at a recent Colson Fellows residency.

The Colson Fellows Program is a nine-month intensive dive into Christian worldview. Colson Fellows study Christian classics and the best of contemporary writers. They watch films and debates, participate in webinars with leading Christian thinkers, and gather three times a year for residency weekends. By the end of the program, they will have developed a detailed plan for taking what they’ve learned into their sphere of influence: business, education, ordained ministry, government, and on and on.

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