The Point: A Win for British Cake Bakers

Pay attention, Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

Yet another Supreme Court has upheld the rights of Christian business owners to follow their beliefs. The United Kingdom’s highest court overturned a ruling against the owners of Ashers Bakery, who refused to ice a cake with the slogan, “Support gay marriage.”

The Court unanimously ruled the bakery’s owners were not discriminating against the customer because he’s gay because, as the Court’s president said, “They would have refused to make such a cake for any customer, irrespective of their sexual orientation.”

The BBC noted that this is the most expensive cake in British history. It cost the Equality Commission $325,000 dollars to prosecute the case. One member of Parliament now wants a review of how the Commission spends the public’s money.

Perhaps the British Equality Commission will pay attention to its Supreme Court . . . unlike the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which is after Masterpiece Cakeshop and Jack Phillips again, only in a much weaker case.

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