The Point: As Long As the Doctor Kills You

So if it’s a doctor that kills you, it’s okay?

In California, as in every other state, it is a felony to “deliberately aid, advise, or encourage someone to commit suicide.”

The law wisely regards suicide as something to be prevented, and it punishes those who take advantage of emotionally vulnerable people.

At least that used to be the thinking.

A bill recently signed into law in California has carved out an exception.

It is now legal for children, or anyone else for that matter, to encourage vulnerable parents to avail themselves of doctor-assisted suicide.

Of course, people considering doctor-assisted suicide are just as vulnerable as anyone else considering taking their own lives. They are just as susceptible to pressure and manipulation, especially if those who are urging them to die “love them.”

I’ll say it again and again: The so-called “right to die” always becomes the “duty to die.” What’s sold as “compassion” is a death warrant for the vulnerable among us. Shame on California.

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