The Point: Gaming Disorder

What many parents suspected is now official.

According to the World Health Organization there is such a thing called “gaming disorder,” and it is a mental health condition. Symptoms include prioritizing gaming over other activities, sleep problems, diet problems and relationship problems, and not being able to stop gaming even when you realize you have these problems.

Parents, of course, have known this for a long time, and my guess is many are even diagnosing their kids as we speak. Officials warn only specialists can identify these clinical benchmarks—I don’t buy that at all. Many kids, and extended adolescent adults, are using gaming to escape from reality. I see it from teenagers to grown men.

And it’s not just the kinds of games kids play, but the amount of time they spend playing and what they’re not doing because of the games they are playing. Of course, we’ll have to put down our own devices if we’re going to lead them to better things.

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A Practical Guide to Culture
  • John Stonestreet, Bret Kunkle | David C. Cook Publishing | 2017

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