The Point: Getting Real at the Spa

First they came for the baker, then they came for the . . . what?

Laws have consequences, often unexpected ones. Especially laws that deny biological reality in the name of “anti-discrimination.” Increasingly, the push for transgender “rights” are creating #MeToo moments.

Case in point: In Massachusetts, a female-oriented spa that provides grooming and other beauty services, faces legal trouble after a man who identifies as a woman filed a complaint with the attorney general. I guess the spa refused to provide an intimate grooming service to him because of his biological reality, even though he identifies as a woman.

The man refused service claims the salon “has taken my dignity and left me unwhole.”

So now, the state of Massachusetts faces a conundrum. Because of one of those “bathroom bills,” the state now has to decide if it will force a woman to touch a man intimately against her will. Isn’t her dignity at stake, too?

This mess isn’t even about religious freedom. It’s about what happens when you deny reality.

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