BP This Week: Asia Bibi Is Innocent, and Pakistan Is in Turmoil

Plus: Gab and the Tree of Life Massacre; Cuban Christians Speak out; Election Predictions?

John Stonestreet and Ed Stetzer discuss the Pakistani public’s violent reaction to Christian woman Asia Bibi’s being found innocent of blasphemy by the that country’s supreme court. We need to double down on our prayers for the safety of Asia and her family, as well as for the safety of all Pakistani Christians.

John and Ed also talk about: social media’s role not only anti-Semitism, but in all kinds of extremism; Cuban Christians protesting against the government’s desire to approve same-sex marriage (an incredibly bold move in a communist dictatorship); and make some less-than confident (as they themselves would admit) predictions about  Tuesday’s mid-term elections.


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  • October 29, 2018

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