The Point: Feminism Hits the Trans-Ideology Wall

First it was sports, now it’s art.

I’m convinced a war is imminent between feminism and trans-gender ideology.

Men have won women’s cycling championships. Teenage boys have won girls state track meets. It’s unfair. It’s indefensible by the rules of biology or fair play. But ideology now rules the day.

And now this. For years a famous feminist play has toured college campuses. I can’t use one of the words of the title on air, so let’s just call the play “The V Monologues.”

This icon of feminist stagecraft has now hit a trans-ideology wall. Eastern Michigan’s Women’s Resource Center won’t allow the play because, they say, some women don’t have the anatomical apparatus referred to in the play. The form of feminism that birthed the play, they claim, represents only “cisgendered” women—that is, biological women—and isn’t inclusive enough.

Part of me wants to chuckle at this predicament created by these progressive ideologies, but too much is at stake. Ideas have consequences, and bad ideas have victims.

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