The Point: From Black Friday to Giving Tuesday

It’s Black Friday, but Tuesday’s coming.

Black Friday could be called the high holy day of American consumerism. The day after we spend as a nation giving thanks, we trample security guards for flat screen TVs.

Of course, it’s wise to get good deals on Christmas gifts. That’s called good stewardship. Just don’t let it signal a worldview shift…

But there’s another post-Thanksgiving tradition too. It’s called #Giving Tuesday. And it’s coming up November 27.

Last year alone on #Giving Tuesday, Americans donated $274 million to charities and non-profits, up 55 percent from the year before.

Why not be one of them? Take a few dollars you saved on the great deals today and help empower the charity of your choice this coming Tuesday. The Colson Center has been given a matching grant which will double any gift given on Tuesday. We’d be grateful for your support, as would pregnancy care centers, Christian schools, radio stations, food kitchens, and other charities.

For more on faith and culture—or to contribute to #Giving Tuesday—come to

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