The Point: Go Vote

Have you voted yet?

The greatest privilege of a free citizenry is that we get to choose our leaders. Chuck Colson echoed Augustine by reminding Christians to be the best of citizens in whatever communities and countries God has placed us. And so, we should vote.

Many congressional and state-level races are tight, and their outcomes will have a significant impact on our states and the whole country.

In 2016, one Virginia assembly race ended in a tie! It had to be decided by casting lots. So don’t think your vote won’t count. It matters—a lot.

And if you live in a congressional district where the outcome seems certain, don’t forget the state ballot measures to be decided, city and county councils to be elected, school boards to be chosen, bond referenda, and more.

So please, go vote. And as Chuck Colson said, find out if your friends and family have voted. If they haven’t, tell them you’re on the way to pick them up.

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