The Point: The “Wicked” Bible

“Did God really say…”?

For millennia, human beings have been trying to get God’s Word to say what we want it to say, instead of what it says.

But this typo takes the cake: a rare 400-year-old misprint of the King James Bible just went on sale. It was known in the 17th century as the “wicked Bible,” because a typesetter left out a word in Exodus 20:14. And so, it read: “Thou shalt commit adultery.”

This Bible misprint’s unholy instruction was, as far as we know, unintentional. Far worse are the intentional distortions from some modern preachers who spread lies in the name of Jesus: ministers who bless abortion clinics or those who say that same-sex marriage, gender confusion, even polyamory are what Jesus really wanted.

They’re not only condoning adultery, they’re condoning murder and idolatry, too. The human condition is such that it doesn’t take a misprint for us to try to put words in God’s mouth.

But thank God He exposes our distortions and is always willing to forgive them.

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