Carey Nieuwhof: Didn’t See It Coming — Overcoming the Seven Greatest Challenges

One of Chuck Colson’s heroes, Abraham Kuyper, famously said that “every square inch” of creation should be submitted to the Lordship of Christ. At the Colson Center, we take this idea seriously, and that’s why we concern ourselves not just with theology and church matters, but the arts, politics, music, and education. As recent scandals – both in politics and the church – have sadly demonstrated, one of the great crises in the world today is a crisis of leadership. What does the Christian worldview have to teach us about leadership? Carey Nieuwhof thinks a lot. He is an attorney turned pastor turned podcaster who has written much about leadership from a Christian worldview perspective.

Today on the BreakPoint podcast, Warren Cole Smith interviews Carey Nieuwhof about his outstanding new book, “Didn’t See It Coming: Overcoming the Seven Greatest Challenges That No One Expects and Everyone Experiences.”

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