The Point: Advent: The O Antiphons

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Yesterday marked the first day of Advent, a season of preparation, repentance, and reflection on the promises made by God to His people about the coming of Messiah. Ultimately, these promises will be finally fulfilled at Christ’s second coming.

That’s why we at the Colson Center have prepared a series of reflections on the awesome message of the Advent season: that the Wisdom of our God Most High, that the leader of the House of Israel, that the Root of Jesse’s stem and the key of David, that radiant dawn, the King of All Nations and Emmanuel . . . has come! And He is coming again.

Those phrases, all from Isaiah, are the first lines of what are known as the “O Antiphons,” which has been sung in church since at least the 8th century.

Come to to download a free copy of a beautifully written and illustrated booklet called “The O Antiphons: Reflections of the Coming of the Christ.” Again, that’s



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