The Point: Selective Selectivity

Age isn’t negotiable, but sex and gender are?

Last month I told you about Emile Ratelband, the 69-year-old Dutch man who wanted to change his legal age to 49. He argued that if people can legally change their sex and gender based on how they identify, he should be able to change his birth year.

The court said that while Ratelband is “is at liberty to feel 20 years younger than his real age and to act accordingly,” changing his birth certificate to reflect his feelings would have “undesirable legal and societal implications,” like age restrictions on voting, marriage, driving, etc.

But the court didn’t clarify how this is any different from gender identity laws—which also have “legal and societal implications.”

So Ratelband is being dismissed as a crank, while at the same time, those who don’t go along with a person’s gender identity—pronouns and all—are soundly denounced.

Age and sex are facts, not feelings. Governments that allow citizens to reinvent themselves in one way but not the other, are being selective…about objective reality.


Image: Google Images

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