The Point: Trans Ideology Throws a Punch

She, or he, can really pack a punch.

The debut victory of super-featherweight boxer Patricio Manuel over Hugo Aguilar was called “historic.” The reason is that Patricio was born Patricia. She underwent hormone therapy and transition surgery, and now competes as a man.

I wonder why Fallon Fox’s mixed martial arts victory in 2014 wasn’t called historic? Fox was born male, but identifies and fights as a female. He literally cracked the skull of his female opponent. Or why Hannah Mouncey, a 6’2” 220lb man dominating Australia’s women’s handball league isn’t called “historic.”

Simple, there’s a phrase for what Manuel did: she played up. Like when a 12-year old plays on the high school team, that’s pretty impressive.

But no one cheers when a high schooler competes against 12-year-olds. That’s called “playing down,” and involves a ridiculous and even dangerous physical advantage. Like Fallon Fox or Hannah Mouncey.

This “historic” fight tells us nothing about gender ideology, except that some are willing to crack skulls to advance their agenda.


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