“Every Moment Holy,” Liturgy, and Everyday Life: Doug McKelvey

How might liturgies help us rediscover the notion that we are always living in the presence and under the gaze of God, our loving Creator?

Today on the BreakPoint Podcast, Warren Cole Smith talks with author and lyricist Douglas Kaine McKelvey about his book, “Every Moment Holy,” published by The Rabbit Room. They also discuss the importance of community—community such as the Rabbit Room provides—for Christian creativity.

Douglas McKelvey will be appearing with other members of the Rabbit Room community at our 2019 Wilberforce Weekend in Arlington, VA, this coming May. For information and early bird registration, come to WilberforceWeekend.org.

Warren’s interview with Doug McKelvey was originally produced for “Listening In,” a program of WORLD Magazine. Check out Listening in at world.wng.org.

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